Joining hip trends years after they start…

Ah.  Well, here we are.  I have finally broken down and started a web log.  (For some reason, the word blog sounds ookie to me, so we’re going to avoid it as much as possible.)

For what purpose, you ask, am I doing this?  Or maybe you didn’t ask, but I’m still going to tell you:

Lots of things have moved me lately.  I wrote about one of them on a “note” on facebook, which two people read.  I figure that if I start something like this, and send the link out to a bunch of people, more people might read it and I might be able to pass on things that move me to others.

There’s this personality test you can take where there are columns of verbs, arranged alphabetically, and you go through a process to narrow them down until you have three verbs that supposedly summarize your entire possibility.  While I find that…unlikely…whenever I have done this test, I always come up with some word that means “to move” or “to entertain.”  That’s something about me.  Whether it’s actually me performing a song or reading something I’ve written, or just getting someone to watch, read, or listen to something that I think they might like, I find a lot of satisfaction in “moving” people.  

Hopefully, I won’t pass on any junk.  Not everything might be to your taste.  Hopefully, though, as I write, you might get inspired, or one of the things I pass on might even draw you a bit closer to God.  That’s my hope, anyway.

What’s to come?  Well, whenever I am so moved to write, I will soon be passing on entires about:

1. House of Heroes CD “The End is Not the End”

2. Sports Night DVD–Disc 1

3. Maybe Mystery Science Theater 3000

4. Tony Hillerman novels

Well, that’s that for today.  Thanks for reading to the end.  jdb3


5 responses to “Joining hip trends years after they start…

  1. And you went with WordPress – excellent choice. My online portfolio is run on WP, and all of my blogs will be soon. But you should check this one out when you get a chance: downthelinezine dot com. I started a free online magazine – first issue featured a cover story on Michael Knott. he even painting a painting for our first issue and then sent it to me. Pretty cool.

  2. welcome to blog land! look forward to reading! we have a blog too, but its mainly on Levi (We created it for all the grandparents and family that we don’ t get to see often enough). Anyway, welcome and happy blogging!

  3. Well, well. Welcome to web log land. I’ve taken a gander at WordPress before, but have yet to be convinced to switch over from Blogger. Since I have a GMail account and also use iGoogle a lot (plus Google Docs, etc.), it’s helpful to me to keep everything under one roof, so to speak. Still, I’m open to being convinced otherwise…
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on MST3K. Still love that show, and watch my old taped episodes from time to time. One of my favorite TV shows ever. One of the hardest times I’ve ever laughed was the first night that I was introduced to it.
    Anyway, I’ll be subscribing to your blog and following it. You can check out my blog, too, if you want (just follow the link attached to my name).

  4. We are all about joining hip trends years after they start. That’s why we won’t be able to get a web blog ourselves until 2014 and why we have purchased a cd player just this year 😉 Does that mean we should get rid of our 8-track and velvet posters now?

  5. I used to use Blogger, but have decided to change over to WordPress. More intuitive, more features/plug-ins, good access from the iPhone, and it just looks cooler. I also use Gmail, but I have to go with WP. There is a lot more to say about WP. Hopefully, I’ll soon convert all my old personal Blooger blogs in to one WP blog. Right now I am working on converting my work blog to WP.

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